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Katy Simpson

01 March 2024

4m 55s

(SHORTIE) 5 Game-Changing Podcasting Hacks for Busy Female Entrepreneurs



In this episode, we dive into five essential hacks for busy female entrepreneurs to effectively manage their podcasts. Katy shares her personal experiences and insights on how to maximize productivity while scaling your business through podcasting.

The first hack discussed is batching, a technique that involves recording, editing, and publishing content in batches. By dedicating 1-2 days per month to record multiple episodes, you can ensure that you have a backlog of episodes ready to go weeks in advance. Alternatively, if time permits, you can complete each step (record, edit, publish) for one episode at a time, with each episode taking approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete. Katy even offers her own workflow details upon request.

Outsourcing editing is the second hack recommended for busy entrepreneurs seeking to maintain a high production value for their podcasts. Basic editing tasks, such as trimming silence and filler words, can be time-consuming. To streamline the process, our host suggests investing in a good microphone and audio interface, as well as utilizing AI tools like Descript and Alitu for automated transcription and editing.

Creating templates for show notes, episode descriptions, and scripts is the third hack discussed. By utilizing tools like Captivate FM, you can automate guest details and descriptions, ensuring a consistent format for every episode.

The fourth hack focuses on utilizing scheduling tools on podcast platforms to plan and schedule future publication dates. This hack has the added benefit of helping busy entrepreneurs stay on track with their podcasting goals, even during times when they may feel overwhelmed or have other commitments. It is particularly helpful for those dealing with ADHD or health issues, as it ensures a consistent flow of new episodes for listeners.

The fifth and final hack explores the concept of repurposing content from your podcast into various formats, such as written articles, graphics, or videos. By using AI tools, you can transform your podcast episodes into high-quality content that can be monetized through courses or other formats that cater to different audiences and consumption preferences.

In conclusion, this episode highlights five essential hacks for busy female entrepreneurs looking to efficiently manage their podcasts while scaling their businesses. Our host encourages experimentation with different methods as she continues to gain experience in the podcasting world. So, tune in now to discover how you can optimize your podcasting journey and reach new heights in your business endeavors.




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