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Katy Simpson

24 February 2024

2m 37s

(SHORTIE) What Essentials You Need to Start A Podcast



Ready to launch your own podcast but not sure where to start?

Let me to help you kickstart your podcasting journey!

1. Choosing the Right Microphone

  • I advise against relying solely on your smartphone or laptop's built-in mic. While it's better than nothing, the audio quality may not meet your expectations. For a higher quality option, I recommend the Samsung Q2U microphone. It's affordable and offers clearer audio than a phone mic. Plus, it comes bundled with a free pop filter or windshield to minimize unwanted noises.


2. Podcast Recording and Editing Software

  • To start recording and editing your podcast, I suggest free apps like Anchor and Podbean. Anchor (now owned by Spotify) and Podbean both provide basic editing features without the need for additional equipment. Anchor even offers a library of free music tracks that can be added to your podcasts.It’s easy to repurpose your content all over the place, particularly if you start with a live video.


3. Just Start Recording

  • My most important piece of advice is to simply start recording. Even if it's just speaking to yourself for a few minutes each day, this allows you to get comfortable speaking without visual feedback and practice your presentation skills. You don't need elaborate topics; chatting about your day is sufficient. The key is to take action and not get caught up in overthinking technical details or content ideas.


4. Regular Practice Makes Perfect

  • Regular practice is the key to improving your podcasting skills. Start with a few minutes of daily recording and gradually increase the duration. Over time, you'll become more comfortable with full-length episodes and develop your unique style. Remember, it's all about gaining experience and building confidence.

Thank you for tuning in!


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