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Katy Simpson

28 February 2024

3m 48s

Finding Your Podcasting Rhythm: Weekly or Bi Weekly Episodes?



In this episode of the podcast, Katy dives into the topic of how often podcasters should release new episodes in order to build and engage their audience effectively. She starts off by emphasizing the importance of consistency and recommends starting with a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. By sticking to a routine, podcasters can establish a loyal listener base and avoid burnout, especially in the initial 10 episodes. However, Katy also stresses that quality should always be prioritized over quantity. It is crucial for podcasters to take their time and produce high-quality, polished episodes that they can be proud of. Rushing out content frequently may lead to lower quality episodes that fail to attract and retain listeners. Additionally, doing SEO research for episode titles and topics is highlighted as an important step to attract the right audience. Understanding listener habits is another key aspect discussed by Katy. It is essential for podcasters to consider when and where their target audience is most likely to consume their content. By adjusting episode length and release days based on typical listening scenarios, podcasters can optimize their reach and engagement. Resource management is also touched upon in this episode. Katy suggests considering recording methods such as batch recording or recording live to streamline the production process. Evaluating the editing workload and determining if raw recordings are sufficient can also help in managing resources efficiently. Lastly, Katy emphasizes the importance of balance when it comes to growth strategies. While quick growth through frequent releases may be tempting, it is essential to prioritize sustainability. Gradual, steady growth over time is recommended to build a long-term podcast and avoid burnout. In summary, Katy provides valuable insights and recommendations for new podcasters. Consistency, quality, understanding the audience, and efficient resource management are all highlighted as crucial factors for building and engaging an audience in a sustainable way. By following these guidelines, podcasters can set themselves up for success and create a podcast that resonates with their target audience. ——————————————————————————————————

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