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Katy Simpson

05 March 2024

2m 47s

(SHORTIE) Finding Confidence on Camera: Tips for Video and Podcasting with PTSD



This shortie episode provides tips for creating videos and podcasts for those struggling with PTSD. It was recorded outside in a beautiful bluebell woodland in England.  The sound quality is not the best but I wanted you to be able to hear the relaxing birdsong in the background.  It has also been edited to keep it short and precise for those with PTSD who may struggle to stay focussed for longer periods.

Tip 1 is to practice a lot in a comfortable and supportive environment to feel comfortable on camera. Tip 2 is to have an encouraging friend to interview to feel less pressure if you forget what to say. Tip 3 is to choose a subject you're passionate about that you can talk about for hours without worry. Tip 4 is to be authentic and real with your audience, acknowledging if you're not feeling it one day. 

The bonus tip is breathing techniques. Specifically, the podcast episode recommends belly breathing where you breathe in deeply through your nose, holding it for a second, then exhaling slowly through pursed lips making a whooshing sound. Doing this calms your vagus nerve which regulates your parasympathetic nervous system response to feel more relaxed. 

In summary, the tips are to practice a lot in a safe space, have a supportive friend to interview, choose a topic you're passionate about, be real with your audience, and use deep belly breathing to physiologically calm yourself before recording videos or podcasts when dealing with PTSD. The goal is to feel comfortable, not worry about forgetting content, discuss an engaging subject, and regulate your nervous system through breathing.


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