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Katy Simpson

28 February 2024

4m 46s

(SHORTIE) Monetizing Your Podcast: The Top 5 Methods for Busy Female Entrepreneurs



In this episode of the podcast, host Katy shares five easy ways for busy female entrepreneurs to monetize their podcasts. The first method she discusses is sponsorships and advertising. Katy explains that podcasters don't need a huge number of listeners to attract brand sponsorships. She advises reading sponsorship ads in an engaging way to captivate the audience. Sponsorship prices are typically based on listener numbers, and there are websites that connect companies with podcasters in similar niches, showing estimated earnings per listener.

The second method Katy mentions is affiliate marketing. She suggests promoting products or services related to the podcast topic and earning a commission per sale through a unique affiliate link. For an entrepreneurship podcast, this could involve partnering with business software companies or book publishers. She emphasizes the importance of only promoting products and services that are genuinely helpful.

The third method Katy proposes is a subscription model. She suggests offering premium bonus content, such as behind-the-scenes extras, to listeners in exchange for a monthly fee. Examples of bonus content could include Zoom hangouts or pre-interview chats. Katie also mentions the option of newsletters or private podcasts through platforms like Behiiv, Hello Audio, or Kajabi.

The fourth method Katy recommends is selling products or services. As an entrepreneur herself, she advises promoting a relevant book, online course, or other offerings. Katy suggests including a discount, deadline, and repeating the easy purchase link both in the show notes and verbally several times to boost sales.

Lastly, Katy discusses the fifth method, which is crowd-funding and donations. She mentions platforms like Patreon that allow listeners to financially support creators in exchange for perks such as exclusive content, merchandise, or experiences. Setting up profiles on these platforms is described as simple. Katy also suggests creating podcast-branded merchandise as a fun option.

Throughout the episode, Katy emphasizes the importance of keeping the audience's interests in mind when choosing a monetization strategy. She recommends repeating offers at least seven times to boost awareness and only promoting ads that provide value to listeners.

The podcast ends on a lighthearted note with some bloopers from the host.



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