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Katy Simpson

22 March 2024

5m 19s

(SHORTIE) Overcoming Fear To Start your Own Podcast



In this episode of the podcast, host Katy Simpson tackles the common fear and anxiety that many people have about starting their own podcast. With a warm and encouraging tone, she aims to empower listeners to overcome their fears and take the leap into podcasting.

Katy begins by acknowledging that fear of starting a podcast is a common struggle. She dives into the reasons behind this fear, including negative perceptions of one's own voice, lack of confidence in subject matter expertise, and the nerves that come with performing. By addressing these issues head-on, Katy hopes to provide guidance and practical tips to help listeners gain the confidence they need to get started.

One of Katy's main recommendations is to start small and take baby steps. She suggests recording and listening to one's own thoughts as practice, without the pressure of an audience. By doing this, listeners can become more comfortable with their own voices and gain confidence in their ability to speak on their chosen topics. Katie also emphasizes the importance of proper planning, outlining topics, format, and scheduling recording sessions to avoid stress and last-minute scrambling.

To make the technical aspects of podcasting more accessible, Katie recommends using user-friendly tools. She highlights the Alitu platform, which allows for recording, editing, and publishing all in one place. She also suggests the affordable Samsung Q2U microphone as a good starting option for those new to podcasting.

In addition to practical tips, Katie encourages listeners to network with other podcasters. Finding a co-host or inviting guests to participate can provide support and help maintain momentum. Platforms like Podmatch can be a useful resource for connecting with other podcasters and collaborating on episodes.

Finally, Katie emphasizes the importance of embracing imperfection. She reassures listeners that their audience will appreciate authenticity over perfection and reminds them that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process. She shares a pre-recording ritual of taking deep breaths, smiling through the eyes, and letting out a relaxing sigh to help calm the nervous system and create a more relaxed and confident vocal delivery.

With her practical tips, warm encouragement, and step-by-step guidance, Katie empowers listeners to overcome their fears and start their own podcasting journey. Whether you're struggling with the fear of your own voice or feeling overwhelmed by the technical aspects, this episode provides the tools and motivation you need to get started.

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